About us

Meisel Holdings is a Maryland-based organization with experience in virtually every area of commercial real estate investment, management, and finance aspect, emphasizing real estate acquisition, construction, and development.
The company thought its affiliated companies (Meisel and Cohen Properties, Meisel Holdings Managed Services, Meisel Holdings Parking Services, Meisel and Cohen Properties, Lama Mobility) host a diverse portfolio that includes the development, acquisition, and operation of retail centers, office buildings, industrial and R&D centers, residential and commercial condominium developments, hotels, marinas, parking, bars, banking, transportation, and other technology companies. Meisel Holdings also provides various business consulting services for start-up companies and more established companies to consult on operational efficiency, business development, marketing, financing, and more.
Meisel Holdings’ mission is to provide our clients and tenants with professional, personalized service by exceeding expectations and maximizing growth potential utilizing forward-thinking plans of action and operating procedures.
Recognizing that each investment decision is unique, our success for strategy is to acquire assets that possess long-term value and provide an opportunity to improve cash flow. Improving the quality of the assets is not only imperative from a long-term perspective, but it enables us to improve earnings and capital investment returns.
Meisel Holdings is distinguished by its conservative approach to business and has expanded from its genesis in commercial property to all aspects of acquisition, finance, development, construction, and management of our assets.