Satellite Technology

Meisel Holdings was involved with forming the American Mobile Satellite Corporation, which built and operated an integrated terrestrial/satellite network and provided a wide range of mobile communication services to corporate and government customers. The company was ultimately acquired by XM Satellite Radio.

Kiosk Payment Technology

In 2006 Meisel Holdings was involved with Pay-Ease’s expansion, a recognized innovator and the emerging leader in kiosk-based bill payment technology and financial processing software. Pay-Ease developed software and manufactured self-service kiosks hardware. The multifunctioning kiosks providing flexible functionality and were utilized by government agencies, utility companies, court systems, convenient stores, gas stations, tax preparation companies, check cashing stores and other retail outlets. Kiosk functionality varied from banking ATM services, Bill payments, gift card distribution, and check cashing services. The company was later purchased by a national check cashing company.

Micro Mobility Transportation

In 2020 Meisel Holdings’ principal developed and launched Lama Mobility.  Lama Mobility is a micro-mobility transportation company providing shared electric kick scooter programs for hotels, cruise ships, marinas, multi-family, college campuses, and theme parks. Lama Mobility offers a turn-key program consisting of a phone app, scooters, and scooter charging racks. The electric scooter program is not free-floating like traditional rideshare scooter programs. Lama Mobility works more similarly to a conventional bicycle rental or moped rental, whereas riders use Lama Mobility’s specially designed scooter charging racks as defined starting and ending points for rides. When a rider uses the scooter and wants to pause to enjoy a meal, shop, view attractions, etc., they can locate a Lama charging rack or use the scooter’s integrated electronic cable lock to secure the scooter to public bike racks, street signs, streetlights, etc. These two features eliminate the unsightly clutter scooter abandonment caused by traditional rideshare programs. This system also provides peace of mind for riders to pause their rides without concern for their scooter being scooped up by another person. For more information, please visit