Commercial Real Estate Development

The Meisel Holdings Commercial Real Estate division consists of a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate. Our primary focus is on commercial development including office buildings, industrial warehouses, retail shopping centers, multi-story parking garages, and built to suit locations for private companies and government agencies. Meisel Holdings development projects range from ground-up developments to those involving the rethinking and reconfiguration of existing space. The common denominator for all of Meisel Holdings’ diverse projects is a high level of success in maximizing value. Our development services start with a concept and end with success. The attention to detail Meisel Holdings provides allows us to manage every step of the plan, from site selection and permitting, to construction and cost control. Our in-house resources provide the financial, legal and real estate solutions throughout every stage of the development process. When considering an acquisition, the Meisel Holdings team first determines if the property is best situated with its existing use with changes to operating procedures, or if the use should be repositioned to maximize growth potential.